Utah HOA Registry Now Operational

The Utah HOA Registry required by a new Utah law is now up and operational on the website of the Utah Department of Commerce.  As discussed in our blog entry (click here to read it), all HOAs must register with the Department of Commerce by July 1st.   Here’s a link to the registry (note that you do have to create an account to view or register an HOA, but creating an account is free): secure.utah.gov/hoa

It is crucial that you register using the exact same name as the corporate entity of the  HOA, as it is stated in the articles of incorporation and as it is registered with the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.  For example, if an HOA is a nonprofit corporation with the name “Whiteacre Homeowners Association,” do not register the association in the HOA registry as “White Acre Homeowners Association.”  This is very important because a search on the HOA Registry for White Acre will not bring up Whiteacre.

This concept applies to all business dealings for an HOA.  It must conduct business using its proper corporate name, not the name of the subdivision itself or some other name or variation of the name that isn’t registered as a Utah business entity.  Click here to look up an incorporated HOA to see exactly how it is listed as a corporation:  https://secure.utah.gov/bes/action/index

Curtis G. Kimble


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