Test Your Knowledge of the New Utah HOA Laws (for a Prize!)

2011 was a significant year for HOAs in Utah and the laws that govern them.  Many new laws and changes were enacted.  How does your knowledge of these changes stack up?  Take this short quiz and find out!  (Note that the quiz is best taken and submitted on our blog itself, for those that receive this post by email).

A $25 Amazon gift card will be awarded to the person scoring the highest and submitting it the quickest after this post is published.  In a few days, I’ll post the answers, as well as the names of those that scored the highest so they can brag about their expertise to other board members, homeowners, or clients.  To submit your answers, fill in your name, email and association or management company and hit submit below.

1. Each board has to present the issue of reserve funding to the association members for discussion and a vote:
 every year.

 every two years.

 never because the board decides reserve funding issues.

 never because the law has reserve funding requirements.

2. A board is required to conduct or have conducted a reserve study every _____ years and review and if necessary update it every ______ year(s).
 3 … 1

 5 … 2

 7 … 3

 It depends on the outcome of a vote of the members.

3. Every HOA is now required by law to register both as an HOA and as a nonprofit corporation.



4. For claims on the association master insurance policy associated with a particular unit or lot, the association can require that unit owner to pay the deductible if:

 the association has set aside an amount equal to the deductible.

 it is authorized by a governing document of the association.

 the owner is at fault (caused the incident or was negligent).

 all owners had been notified of the deductible responsibility.

5. Every HOA in the state has to update their HOA registration information with the Department of Commerce:


 within 30 days of a change in the information.

 within 90 days of a change in the information.

 never because only an initial one-time registration is required.

6. A board can use reserves funds in an emergency for daily maintenance expenses:

 only once in a 2 year period.

 if authorized by the association governing documents.

 after receiving approval from a majority of the members.


7. During any period that an HOA fails to be properly registered with the state, the HOA:

 cannot file a lien against any unit or lot.

 cannot enforce a previous lien against a unit or lot.

 can seek a judgment against an owner for past due amounts.

 all of the above.

Update: The quiz is closed, but check out the answers to the quiz by clicking here.   Thanks for playing!

Curtis G. Kimble


5 Responses to Test Your Knowledge of the New Utah HOA Laws (for a Prize!)

  1. […] quiz.  But, a few experts emerged from the results (if you haven’t taken the quiz yet, go here (link), and take the quiz and then come back and review the answers […]

  2. cynthia hunt says:

    can an HOA levy an $800,000 assessment with the voting majority even if that doesn’t include all 80 units. If only 40 units vote and 21 vote yes can they still win the vote.

    • Curtis G. Kimble says:

      That depends completely on the governing documents of the particular association (the CC&Rs and bylaws). They will spell out how a special assessment may be levied. It is certainly not uncommon in associations that a majority of those voting at a meeting can approve a special assessment, however.

  3. Carolyn Lloyd (Henrie) says:

    A great idea to have the quiz. I’ve attended Richards, Kimball and Winn workshops for the past 6 years. With the information they give at workshops over the years, I did get them all right.

    Attending their workshops made our board a far better managed and effective board. I am sold on educating our lay board members! Carolyn Lloyd (Henrie), St. George

  4. Great Blog! says:

    Wow, amazing blog! How long have you been blogging for?

    You made running a blog look easy. The whole look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content

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