Santa Claus and Common Area Chimneys and Reindeer on Common Roofs

By John Richards:

I had a dream last night, or should I say nightmare, where I received a phone call from a concerned Board member.  This Board member was worried about the “wear and tear” Santa Clause would cause by sliding up and down the common area chimneys and the potential damage the reindeer and sleigh would cause to the common area roofs.  After all, the association had just re-done their roofs this past year and there is an express exclusion in their insurance policy for damage due to “magical and supernatural causes.”

I assured this Board member, and made sure she reassured the entire Board, that some risks and costs are worth it.  The potential damage to the chimneys and roofs is far outweighed by the joy Christmas morning brings to those who enjoy and believe in the holiday season – regardless of one’s faith and background.

The joy that a young child receives from an unexpected gift has no monetary value in my mind and, far too often, we don’t dwell on these moments enough.  Maybe you can relate, but life is far too short and though we have important issues to address in the “real world,” come Tuesday morning, I do appreciate a few days do dwell on that which matters most.

Just so you know, I am contemplating adding a line item in our reserve studies for our clients that accounts for such seasonal damages in the future, but at least for tonight, let’s enjoy the holiday and the magic that follows.

Again, seasons greetings.  Your friend and advocate, John Richards, Esq.


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