Questions / Consultations with Curtis G. Kimble

I generally represent homeowners associations and not individual homeowners.  However, I can help an individual homeowner in the following situations:

  • Answer questions about the requirements or applicability of the law.
  • Analyze CC&Rs and other association governing documents and advise a homeowner on the rights and obligations of the homeowner and the association as to a specific issue.
  • Analyze facts in a situation to determine rights, obligations and remedies that can be pursued.  Provide an outline of those rights, obligations and possible remedies, including an honest assessment of the chances of prevailing in a specific dispute (according to my opinion, based on my experience and the information provided to me).
  • Engage in non-adversarial communication with a board to educate or inform them about a situation and how to follow the law.

I do not perform services that are adversarial to a particular homeowner association at this time (due to current limitations).   

RATE:  All time spent is billed at my rate of $225 per hour (billed in tenth of an hour increments).

Get answers to your questions about the requirements or applicability of the law or your HOA’s governing documents.  Fill out this form to have Mr. Kimble review and respond to your question(s):


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